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Q:What is one thing you cannot live without?

A: Peppermint Oil – best essential oil know to man. I often get nauseous or get headaches and peppermint helps with both, I use it on a daily basis!

Q: If you could only use one skincare product what would it be?

A: Either my Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick or my Lavender oil. Both are linked on How I Keep My Skin Clear.

Q: What is your go-to snack?

A: My go to snack is Skinny Girl Butter Popcorn or a KIND bar.

Q: What are some basic outfit essentials every girls needs in their closet?

A: Every girl needs a classic pair of black and nude pumps. Jeans are an essential that you need to invest in, splurging on a good pair of jeans ends up saving you money in the long haul. The Key to finding a good pair of jeans is making sure they have stretch. My favorite denim brands are Mother, FRAME, and AG. A Good pair of black dress pants are vital along with a white button up. (I know these sound very much like business attire, but it is all about how you style it and the cut/fit of the clothing). Below I have linked my favorite essentials I talked about.

REISS Tailored Dress Pants — MOTHER Jeans — AG Jeans — FRAME Jeans —

Manolo Blahnik Black Pump — Nine West Black Pump — Steve Madden Nude Pump —

Christian Louboutin Nude Pump  — Free People White Button Up  —

Q: What is your favorite bag you own?

A: I have to say my Louis Vuitton Keep All 55 bag is my favorite, it holds some much stuff and is great as a carry on or weekender bag!

Q: What do you keep in your purse at all times?

A: I always have hand sanitizer, hand creme, tissues, lip gloss, blotting powder, cough drops, sunglasses, pens, and a rosary. I always have more, but those are the essentials I always have.