Get to Know Me More: Everything Taite

I am switching things up a little. This is not my typical fashion, beauty, or lifestyle post. I am attempting to give my blog a more personal touch, sharing moments in my life (i.e. prom), sharing tips and tricks I use, vacations, and outfits I am wearing. Many of you have probably read my ¨about… Continue reading Get to Know Me More: Everything Taite

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Understanding God in our Broken World

We so often think that bad people deserve the bad things that happen to them; we are left questioning why do bad things happen to good people? How can a God who supposedly loves us let horrific things happen in our lives? How could we bear to have a relationship with a God who just… Continue reading Understanding God in our Broken World

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New Year, New Me?

What is with our fascination with the New Year? What is so significant about the clock hitting midnight on that one particular day? Nothing truly changes when the clock strikes midnight... What we like is the idea of starting fresh, our slate wiped clean, a new beginning. We cherish what the new year symbolizes, becoming the… Continue reading New Year, New Me?