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New Year, New Me?

What is with our fascination with the New Year? What is so significant about the clock hitting midnight on that one particular day? Nothing truly changes when the clock strikes midnight... What we like is the idea of starting fresh, our slate wiped clean, a new beginning. We cherish what the new year symbolizes, becoming the… Continue reading New Year, New Me?


How to Style Loafers

Many tend to shy away from the popular shoe trend, loafers, due to the fact that some believe them to be "grandma" shoes. The thing is, you can make fashion whatever you want it to be. If you wear a chunky sweater and boyfriend jeans with loafers, it is highly unlikely you would find a… Continue reading How to Style Loafers

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Holy Grail Makeup Products

Makeup is a very crucial aspect to finalizing your ensemble. The tricky part happens when you are walking down the aisles of Sephora trying to find the perfect products to complete your look. You can't have makeup that is too cakey, but you also can't have your makeup too sheer to where it does nothing.… Continue reading Holy Grail Makeup Products