Diet Tips to Get Ready for Summer

It can be hard to put down the cookies and cake and even harder to pick up the vegetables and fruits. I myself am using these tips to get myself back on track for Summer, I have fallen off this year due to lack of time, stress etc. No excuses! I hope these tips and… Continue reading Diet Tips to Get Ready for Summer

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How to be Primped & Proper at All Times

Outfit Details: Sweater--Shorts (in white)--Shoes--Necklace: CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane --Clutch What  exactly does it mean to be primped and proper? The denotative definition of primped is to spend time making minor adjustments to one´s clothing, makeup, or hair. The denotative definition of proper is a genuine and good-looking person. So what does it take to… Continue reading How to be Primped & Proper at All Times


Learning to Love

"Love is knowing you're leaving yourself vulnerable in hopes that it will all be worth it even though the odds say it won't be. Love is sacrificing for somebody without expecting them to do the same in return. Love is finding somebody who makes you feel safe and comfortable, somebody who you can sit in… Continue reading Learning to Love

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The Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

Purchasing a gift for someone can be a daunting task. Will they like it? What do they want/need? Do they already have this? Did I spend enough money? Did I spend too much money? The doubts we have when purchasing a gift are endless. I am here to help you decode what to get one… Continue reading The Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

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New Year, New Me?

What is with our fascination with the New Year? What is so significant about the clock hitting midnight on that one particular day? Nothing truly changes when the clock strikes midnight... What we like is the idea of starting fresh, our slate wiped clean, a new beginning. We cherish what the new year symbolizes, becoming the… Continue reading New Year, New Me?

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Favorite Products this Month

As this month comes to a close, I thought I would share a few of my staple items in my everyday life. Some of these products mentioned are new finds and some are oldies but goodies. I can guarantee that every female reading this post will fall in love with EVERY single product, just as… Continue reading Favorite Products this Month


Be the Author of this Year’s Story

As we near the later part of this year I encourage you to reflect on the last eleven months, the marvelous, the crummy, and the atrocious. Each of us have had our fair shares of accomplishments, adventures, highs, and lows throughout the course of this year. At the start of a new year we tend… Continue reading Be the Author of this Year’s Story


Establishing Your Love Affair With Life

American society is permeated with perpetual deadlines, consistent chaos, substantial stress, a plethora of fast food chains, overloaded calendars, minimal sleep, and streets brimming with blaring horns and speeding cars. The majority of us do not live within the moment. We are distracted with what our next move will be, where our next destination will… Continue reading Establishing Your Love Affair With Life


Why Self-Love Is All We Need

Self-love is one of the most important characteristics to have, but one of the hardest to come by. Almost every person walking this earth at this moment wants to change at least one thing about themselves, they feel insufficient because others have told them so. They may want to change something physically or who they are… Continue reading Why Self-Love Is All We Need


Mind your Manners

As a human, we have natural instincts that we were born with, and we have social etiquette which we have been taught and have learned. Nowadays, people tend to lead with natural instincts which can lead to some issues such as.... offending others, sabotaging success, or starting an argument. None of those we want. At… Continue reading Mind your Manners