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How to be Primped & Proper at All Times

Outfit Details: Sweater--Shorts (in white)--Shoes--Necklace: CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane --Clutch What  exactly does it mean to be primped and proper? The denotative definition of primped is to spend time making minor adjustments to one´s clothing, makeup, or hair. The denotative definition of proper is a genuine and good-looking person. So what does it take to… Continue reading How to be Primped & Proper at All Times

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Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list

As we near the days of warmer weather, it is time to begin filling our shopping carts with flowy sundresses, flattering bikinis, and floppy hats. I am a lover of summer: the beachy waves, sun-kissed skin, poolside drinks, barbecues, and late night swims. So in order to prepare for a beautiful summer, we must have… Continue reading Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list


Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl´s best friend...or maybe diamond encrusted shoes! Many of you who know me, know my grande love affair with shoes. In my world every pair of shoes tells a story, they carry your memories, and hold sentimental meaning. Maybe that is not natural, maybe I need shoe counseling, but maybe… Continue reading Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend


Black & Cream

Expand the post to see all of my outfit details which I linked. Happy Monday! XOXO, Taite

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Staying Warm While Fashionable this Winter

Whenever we think of someone bundled up we typically do not picture some fashionable individual. We envision someone with a frumpy jacket, a dinky scarf, and maybe a red nose. If we do not picture somebody who looks fashionable, we most definitely do not picture someone who stepped out of a Vogue cover. Well a… Continue reading Staying Warm While Fashionable this Winter


Reasons to Start Dressing up Every Day

We all have our excuses why we cannot dress up. The excuses range from we woke up late, we were busy, we were just running out for a quick errand, or maybe you were justly simply lazy. It is scientifically proven that dressing up boost your mood and confidence. So why would you not dress… Continue reading Reasons to Start Dressing up Every Day

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Remaining a Classic in a World Full of Trends

Iman said it best, "In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic." Being a classic woman is far more than what meets the eye...she encompasses class, grace, a beautiful heart, beauty, and style. Currently we reside in a world with a plethora of cursing, booty short wearing women/girls. A classic woman… Continue reading Remaining a Classic in a World Full of Trends


How to Dress & Appear more Feminine

Femininity is described as qualities traditionally ascribed to women such as sensitivity and gentleness. Whenever I think of Feminine dress, I tend to think of soft colors, ruffles, skirts and a woman. When one dresses more feminine they accentuate their womanly features such as curves. This does not mean you have to show the world… Continue reading How to Dress & Appear more Feminine

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Fashion Era: Fifties

The 1950's was the decade of the "wandering waistline". Years before there was always a set place where your waistline was, for example in the twenties the waist line was very low. During the fifties there was no set waistline, Dior designed his dresses to have a high and cinched waistline, meanwhile, Balenciaga designed his… Continue reading Fashion Era: Fifties


How to Style Loafers

Many tend to shy away from the popular shoe trend, loafers, due to the fact that some believe them to be "grandma" shoes. The thing is, you can make fashion whatever you want it to be. If you wear a chunky sweater and boyfriend jeans with loafers, it is highly unlikely you would find a… Continue reading How to Style Loafers