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My Prom: Makeup, Outfit, Hair, Self-Tanner & the Cutest Swimsuit

What I Wore Dress: Ava Presley  (In Size 4) Earrings: Nadri (In Gold) Shoes: Steve Madden                 Hair Extensions: Bellami Magnifica 240g 24¨ (Color:Chocolate Brown) Hair Extensions Review I purchased the Bellami Magnifica hair extensions in the color chocolate brown. I had to dye my hair to match the extensions, if you do not want… Continue reading My Prom: Makeup, Outfit, Hair, Self-Tanner & the Cutest Swimsuit

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How to be Primped & Proper at All Times

Outfit Details: Sweater--Shorts (in white)--Shoes--Necklace: CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane --Clutch What  exactly does it mean to be primped and proper? The denotative definition of primped is to spend time making minor adjustments to one´s clothing, makeup, or hair. The denotative definition of proper is a genuine and good-looking person. So what does it take to… Continue reading How to be Primped & Proper at All Times


Nighttime Skincare Routine

First, I wash off my day with the Soap & Glory Vitamin C Face wash. This face wash wipes away any makeup, oil, dirt, or anything else that may be present on the surface of your skin. It is crucial to begin your nighttime routine with a fresh, clean face. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties… Continue reading Nighttime Skincare Routine


How I Keep My Skin Clear

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. We are constantly worrying about the health of our brain, lungs, liver, and all our other glorious organs... people avoid smoking because it reeks havoc on their lungs and causes cancer. Why are we not as conscientious of what we are putting on our skin?… Continue reading How I Keep My Skin Clear

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Favorite Products this Month

As this month comes to a close, I thought I would share a few of my staple items in my everyday life. Some of these products mentioned are new finds and some are oldies but goodies. I can guarantee that every female reading this post will fall in love with EVERY single product, just as… Continue reading Favorite Products this Month


DIY: The Perfect Nails & Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Some things are better left to the professionals and some are better done at home (and may I mention friendlier on the wallet). One thing that I will always prefer to get done are my toes. Yes, we can all put on some polish by ourselves, but personally for me I cannot figure out how… Continue reading DIY: The Perfect Nails & Cleaning Makeup Brushes


Dewy Natural Makeup Walk through

This is my "no makeup, makeup look". I love this look for a more natural finish to my skin, and less makeup so my skin can breathe. This makeup look is so simple and easy and can be done quickly! I previously did a makeup walk-through on my Everyday Makeup Look. Bronze it Up BY… Continue reading Dewy Natural Makeup Walk through


Everyday Makeup Walkthrough

These are my go to products and techniques that I rely on everyday! PREP After I wash my face, I apply this moisturizer all over my face (a little goes a long way) and rub it in. Once it is absorbed I do not put any makeup products on my face for about five minutes… Continue reading Everyday Makeup Walkthrough


Holy Grail Makeup Products

Makeup is a very crucial aspect to finalizing your ensemble. The tricky part happens when you are walking down the aisles of Sephora trying to find the perfect products to complete your look. You can't have makeup that is too cakey, but you also can't have your makeup too sheer to where it does nothing.… Continue reading Holy Grail Makeup Products