Budget Buys: Makeup

I love makeup and there are countless phenomenal products out on the market. The sad truth is, you typically get what you pay for, but don’t fear there are a few anomalies that I am going to share with you today!

This product is very similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. The only complaint I have is that L’Oreal does not have as wide of a color range as Anastasia. I love this brow pencil and do not see any reason why I would return to using the brow wiz pencil. It is so nice that this pencil is a portion of the price and can be picked up at any local drugstore or Target.

This powder is by far one of my favorites; I have used the Laura Mercier translucent powder, Coty Airspun, and countless others. I love this powder… the finish, I also like that it has some slight coverage. And once again, it is very inexpensive! This too can be picked up at your local Target or drugstore.

I love topping my brows with a little clear brow gel before I head out for the day. This stuff ensures that my brows are not moving at all. This gel holds my brows in place like no other and only for a few dollars. You can find this at your local Target/drug store/Ulta.

This concealer is similar to the Tarte Shape concealer, but it is not as full coverage. Makeup Revolution has a decent shade range. The only complaint I have is that it has a chemical smell to it, but for the price it is pretty good quality. You can purchase this at your local Ulta.

I love using this liner on my waterline. I typically wear it with false lashes. I actually heard of this tip when watching a Jacyln Hill video. If you apply the black waterline eyeliner to the upper waterline it makes the false lashes look as if they are growing out of your eye as your real lashes would.

Image result for morphe setting spray
Morphe Continuous Setting Spray $16

I have recommended this setting spray for quite some time. I love using this setting spray to blend my powders into my face. This last step of my makeup just makes everything come together and look seamless. The mist comes out continuously and perfectly. Nothing is worse than using a setting spray that does not spray uniformly and all the sudden a wet glob hits your makeup and ruins it. This setting spray will never do this. You can purchase this at your local Ulta/Morphe store or online.

This gloss is by far my favorite gloss. I cannot wait to try other colors. I have tried Lancome, Laura Mercier, Tom Ford, MAC, and numerous other brands, but this Kylie gloss supersedes all others. This is perfect for putting over lipstick or just on bare lips.