Favorite Beauty Products

Makeup was one of my first loves, but as I am working towards maintaining a classic, elegant style I am setting down the full coverage foundations and bold eyeshadows. Makeup should be used to enhance not cover up our natural beauty…don’t get me wrong I am still a lover of makeup, but less of it. Beauty and makeup have always been important to me, but now I am working on perfecting my face to the point where I do not need makeup or much of it. I have dabbled in frequent facials, micro needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, new products, et cetera.

As I have traveled down this skin journey path I have discovered new products I am loving and remembering why I love my tried and true products.

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  1. Biologique Recherche is a French brand that focuses on using raw natural ingredients, something I prioritize. The PW50 acts as a toner and a chemical exfoliant. This helps to prevent the production of sebum and help with discoloration and large pores. I use this nightly with a fresh cotton pad, but let me tell you . . . it works! When I first began using this product I only used it when needed, when a breakout would pop up. I found that this product was strong and effective, but did not overly dry out my skin. Within a day or two, the pimple diminished. I was AMAZED! I adore this all natural French line along with many well-known celebrities and public figures. Let your own results speak for themselves.

  2. The past four months or so I have struggled with skin breakouts. I was unsure of what the culprit was. I analyzed the skincare and makeup I was using, what I was eating, stress levels, et cetera. I could not find the root of the problem. I paid a visit to my esthetician and she informed me that each night I was not removing my makeup fully. One or two times this is fine, but after a while, it starts to build up in the pores and causes a breakout. She told me that just a face wash was not cutting it. I still adored my Soap & Glory Vitamin C Face Wash (listed above) but I needed that extra step to ensure I removed any and all makeup residue. Each night I wash my face with my face wash and then use the Garnier Micellar Water to remove anything else that may be adhering to my face. I use a clean cotton pad and saturate it with the Micellar water and I repeat that until the cotton pads come back white.

  3. I am beginning to fall in love with Image products. I was given a set of Image products to take home post-treatment. My face looked treacherous and within days I beginning to see the skin I knew and loved. I am all about brightening and whitening and this product does just that. I apply it to a clean face in the morning and at night and have loved the results. I noticed red spots, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation disappearing within two-three days. To anyone who is looking to even out their complexion and brighten their skin tone, this is the product for you!

  4. Anytime I have a pimple and I need to dry it out quickly I apply my Clinique Clearing Gel. The pimple is gone within a day or two, but using it with other drying products can make your skin feel tight and appear dry, so please moisturize. I use this product every night, even if I do not have an active blemish. I just apply the clearing gel where I typically break out to prevent any further breakouts.

  5. Soap & Glory Vitamin C Face Wash. This product is not only friendly on a budget but is great at taking off makeup and leaves my skin feeling and looking great. The online reviews are phenomenal and I can attest that this product is inexpensive, yet amazing. I have been using this product for six years now and no face wash can ever seem to measure up.

  6. I am all about retaining the beauty of my youth, though I am only eighteen that is the best time to start any prevention methods. I will fight aging as gracefully as possible. This product helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, prevents dry skin, reduces sun damage, and provides crucial antioxidants. I love this moisturizer and every morning when I wake up my face feels refreshed.