MUST HAVE // Rachel Zoe: Living In Style

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This book is great for three things…chic decor, a fun read, and tips to live in style (we will get into what that entails in just a second).

Rachel Zoe: a fashion mogul, bold icon, and statement jewelry collector. I first fell in love with Rachel Zoe many, many years ago while watching her Bravo tv show, The Rachel Zoe Project. As many of you know, I am a lover of fashion and have been since the beginning of time. Rachel has inspired me to chase my fashion dreams, to be bold in my style, and to never apologize for who I am. The two reasons I bought this book was to liven up my drab and empty nightstand and because I love all things Rachel Zoe, who doesn´t?

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Before I even placed this book on my bedside table I had already delved into the first chapter. Rachel gives insight into her fashion journey, both personal style and in the fashion industry. She gives tips on how to live in style which includes all things interior decor, makeup, hair, finding your personal style, and how to properly accessorize an outfit. Her whole motto is, ¨look effortlessly chic.¨ Isn´t that what we all want? To turn heads, but look like we aren´t even trying. Though I love fashion, I always have room to improve and grow. I actually learned quite a bit from this book and it is safe to say this is the best fifteen dollars I have spent so far.

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A few great tips I picked up: how and where to get great vintage finds, elevating and establishing my own personal style, breaking down the history of fashion (which I love, I have plenty of articles on fashion eras. Go to the categories tab in the sidebar to find them.) , fashion icons, and so much more.

If you are looking to liven up your coffee table, add another book to your shelf, or step up your style, then you can purchase Rachel Zoe´s book here.

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