Fashion Inspiration 101

Fashion Inspo is one of my favorites and it is about to become on of yours too! Last post, I talked about two easy tips to step up your style game. These tips would help one to push themselves outside their fashion comfort zone and also help them when they are in a major fashion rut (we have all experienced those). Though I love both of the tips and they are quite essential (I live by them!) one thing I did not mention was fashion inspiration — that deserves a whole post to itself!

Fashion inspiration helps to awaken the mind, you see combinations, looks, and clothing  that you would have never imagined. Some people pair clothing pieces together that you would have never dreamt of. Fashion is a form of art. Artists see or experience different things in the world that inspire them to paint, draw, photograph, etc. Fashionistas, like you and me, need to see and experience fashion inspiration to inspire OUR form of art.

I see fashion everywhere: store windows, what others are wearing, online. There is endless inspiration everywhere around us, but I am going to share my favorite places to find fashion inspiration.

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Isn´t Pinterest the one stop shop for literally everything? Recipes, fashion, articles, Cute Graphics, yummy drinks, and so much more! Let´s get back on track and talk about fashion (I tend to get distracted by food!) Haha. Pinterest is one of my FAVORITE places to find fashion inspiration. You can search for almost any person, board, or picture and find just what you are looking for! I love looking to other fashion boards to get inspired and I also follow a lot of my favorite bloggers/brands. It is a great platform to consolidate all your fashion favorites in one spot. Check out my Pinterest for some of my favorite fashion inspiration!




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I have always been a fan of Rachel Zoe: her style, her clothing/shoe brand/ her tv show. The Zoe Report is a great place to find trend reports, fashion inspiration, beauty articles, and tons of articles covering everything under the sun. If you hop on the site you will get sucked into the Rachel Zoe rabbit hole!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is hands down my favorite fashion blogger! She is the queen of layering, I always discover the best designers/brands on her blog, and she has just the right amount of prep and edge in her personal style. I have been following her blog for six years now — Blair is who I receive the majority of my fashion inspiration. Atlantic-Pacific  pushes me to try new brands, trends, colors, and styles. Can I please just have her closet already?


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