Two Easy Tips to up your Style Game

I know I have experienced fashion ruts, have felt like my outfits were mediocre, or just did not know how to look fashion forward. I am sure if I have had these ruts, that everyone has. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you want to take an already cute outfit to the next level! As I have experimented and played the game of trial and error, I have discovered some key tips and tricks to upping my style game. These tips are simple and easy to use, but TOTAL game changers when it comes to nailing your look!

1. Find fashionable, yet intriguing clothing.

I have had a cute outfit on, but it was not anything special. It probably looked like anything someone could throw together. When shopping I ask myself two things. Will this piece of clothing push me a little out of my fashion comfort zone, and is there something intriguing about the piece? Let me explain why these two questions are crucial. You need to be comfortable and confident in everything you wear. If you purchase something crazy and feel completely uncomfortable, chances are you will never take off the tags or even wear it. You want to slowly push yourself outside of your comfort zone, slow and steady wins the race. Purchase something that you like, but typically would not go for. If you like it, buy it. If not, return it. It is that simple. If you buy the same clothing you always buy and always stay in your comfort zone, you will never grow. Second, try to find pieces that have something intriguing about it, whether it be a unique color, an interesting cut, fine detailing, or fun embellishments. If just a few pieces from your whole outfit have an intriguing aspect to it, you will totally up your style game! I will demonstrate below!


Castaner Guara Bow Wedges

Dolce Vita Wedge

The second picture showcases a cute, but plain pair of wedges. The first picture showcases a simple colored wedge with clean lines, but the bows are intriguing. They draw the eye to the foot, but are nothing too crazy. There are little and small ways to spice up your wardrobe, a simple bow on a wedge could do just that!


James Perse Feather Vintage Tee

The Range Carved Shoulder Tee

The first picture showcases a plain white tee. Nothing special, actually kind of bland! The second picture still showcases a white tee, but one sleeve is carved out. This still allows you to be comfy, rock your white tee, but be fashion forward.

2. Layer, Layer, Layer.

Layering is not just for the winter, layering is an art. It takes any basic outfit to the next level. Layering includes: hats, jewelry, a top under a dress, tights, a belt. Layering does not mean wearing a turtleneck with a floor length jacket and scarf (well, sometimes it does). My favorite fashion blogger, Atlantic-Pacific,  is the queen of layering! I wonder if she has to even try? She makes it seem so effortless and gives me lots of great inspiration for my wardrobe and personal style. I am going to share with you a few her layered looks that I love!




Blair utilizes tights, long sleeve tops, jackets, hats, and so much more. Check out her blog for further inspiration. One way to transition a sleeveless dress into Fall is to wear a solid long sleeve underneath it. Or do you want to wear your favorite strappy sandals, but it is cold outside? Wear a cute pair of tights.

When layering keep the color scheme fairly similar. For example, look at the last picture I posted. The skirt has several colors: dark navy, white, deep green, and a berry color. Blair wore a dark green coat, navy tights, light berry colored shoes/matching hat, and a navy bucket bag. In the first picture, she kept all the colors neutral and nude. They are not all the same shade (that is near impossible to accomplish, unless it is all one brand). Wear a belt to accentuate your waist, pop on a cute hat to complete your outfit, or wear a colorful pair of tights to keep yourself warm and layered! There are so many options, but they key to layering is creating multiple dimensions, drawing the eyes to different places, but uniting the different layers in one way (typically color).

My Favorite Layering Pieces

Screenshot 2018-07-01 at 12.09.04 PM.png

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 6.37.55 PM