How to Dress Cute for the Beach/Pool

I am all for no makeup and beach hair, but there are times when we all want to snap a cute pic on the beach or possibly we just want to look a little more put together. I am sharing some of my favorite tips to achieve just that and I am also sharing some of my favorite hair pieces, sunglasses, cover ups, and a great jewelry brand! I also tried to keep everything under $100 (WAHOO! Budget Friendly!)

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Tips for Dressing Cute for the Beach/Pool

  1. When trying to look put together the beachy hair look tends to not cut it — unless you have perfect beach curls (which must of us do not have, at least I don´t!). For the beach/pool I tend to opt for a high bun, a mid pony, or a hat/headband/headscarf alongside my beach hair. Their is no need to take a curling iron or a flat iron to your hair…then it wouldn´t look like you were at the beach, but a little taming never hurt anybody.

TIP: To get rid of any frizz add a little finishing spray to your hair and smooth it out. (I enjoy the Nexxus finishing mist!)

  2. I always love a cute cover up, not only because they make for cute pictures, but they are also great for when you aren´t feeling your best! Or maybe you just want to take your outfit to the next level!

3. Always, always, always moisturize! I hate whenever I am already at the beach or pool  and realize my skin is not looking as vibrant as it should be. Learn from my experience and put on a little lotion before hitting the pool or beach!

4. Sunglasses are great for several things: completing a cute outfit, disguising who you are when you aren´t looking your best, and protecting your eyes while preventing those crows feet none of us want!

I hope you enjoyed a few of the pieces I linked and I hope some of the tips were helpful! Have a happy and safe summer!

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Side note: Check out this awesome new jewelry brand I came across in Hawaii! She has the cutest pieces that are classy, but bring a piece of the ocean back home with you!

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