Get to Know Me More: Everything Taite

I am switching things up a little. This is not my typical fashion, beauty, or lifestyle post. I am attempting to give my blog a more personal touch, sharing moments in my life (i.e. prom), sharing tips and tricks I use, vacations, and outfits I am wearing. Many of you have probably read my ¨about me¨ page, which contains an overview on Primped & Proper and my life. I was hoping that this post would allow my readers to get to know me on a deeper level, find out fun facts, and add a more personal aspect to P & P. I hope you enjoy this post and I would love for you guys to share some facts about yourself in the comment section below!

  1. Are you named after anyone? I was not specifically named after one individual for sentimental purposes, but solely because my mom liked the name, Taite. My mom used to be a nanny before she had me, the little girl she would nanny for had a friend named Taite; that is where she got the idea for my name!
  2. What is your eye color? I have green eyes, but you know what is crazy…I used to have crystal blue eyes, but now they are green. It´s sad because I love blue eyes, and it is even worse that I used to have them!! Is it better to long for them and to never have had them or to long for them and have had them?? blog 6(Me when I was little)
  3. How tall are you? I am 5´ 6¨.  I used to always think I would be super tall, I stopped growing in 5th grade. I was always taller than everyone, including my own sisters (now they are 3 inches taller than me)! I sprouted early, that is for sure. Fun Fact: I lost almost all my baby teeth by kindergarten and had my braces on in 4th grade!
  4. How would you describe your fashion sense? If I had to use one word: sophisticated. I do not dress like the typical high schooler, but that is okay…that is what makes me, me.
  5. What are my biggest fears? I fear losing someone I love and not getting to say everything I needed to say, worried they did not know how much I loved them. I always try to resolve arguments/fights quickly, and no matter how mad I am to let them know I love them. You never know when your last time you talk to them will be. Cherish every moment!
  6. How many tattoos and piercings do I have? I don´t have any tattoos (I don´t ever plan to get any), I only have one piercing in each ear. I used to have three in each year, but the other two holes have grown in. Fun fact: I did the third piercing myself with a sewing needle and a bar of soap. I am not sure what I was thinking! Haha.
  7. What was the Reason I Started Blogging? I started blogging in sixth grade, I probably kept that up for a year or two. Surprisingly I was somewhat good at it, I got lots of views and I was even contacted by a nail polish brand to endorse their product. I am not sure why I got so many views, because I can´t imagine my content or grammar was very good at the time. I think I originally started blogging because it was a creative outlet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a year or two, I stopped blogging; I cannot remember the reason. My mom is actually the person who encouraged me to take up blogging again, it took her quite some time to convince me.
  8. Something I really want: If I had to pick something superficial I wanted it would probably be 100 purses or shoes. I set a goal when I was in 4th grade that I would graduate High School with a hundred pairs of shoes (I´m getting there).  If I had to pick something meaningful that I want, I would simply just want to live life to the fullest with the ones I love them most.
  9. My Current Relationship Status: I am taken by the sweetest boy in the world, Andrew. We have been dating for around two years, once you´ve been dating this long you lose track of the exact amount of time! We actually met in eighth grade at school, I changed schools the next year, we kept in contact, but I didn´t think I would ever see him again. Here we are dating three years later! If it is meant to be, it will be! IMG_2538_Facetune_05-05-2018-18-49-32(Yes, he does have frosted tips! Haha, he bleached his own hair for the state track meet! State champs, Wahoo!)
  10. The Meaning behind my URL: So, a few things I talked about earlier in the post contributed to how the name Primped & Proper came about. After my Mom had finally convinced to start up blogging, I faced the task with naming my website. On my ¨about me¨ page I discuss what Primped & Proper was originally intended to be: a fashion site, now it has evolved into a personal blog. My personal style played into the named of the blog. I described my style earlier as sophisticated. I dress different than the typical high schooler, I opt for heels over tennis shoes, I wake up extra early to make sure my hair and makeup looks good (most of the time). So, my mom and I came up with the name, Primped & Proper. I didn´t add it to a list, or think about it, I just went for it. I immediately purchased the domain and designed the look for my blog. I was eager and a little over zealous to say the least! Sometimes I think about changing the name of my blog, but I go back and forth! Feel free to comment any thoughts you have on my URL.
  11. My Favorite Memory Growing Up: I have tons of fabulous memories, but a place I think of fondly: my Grandparent´s ranch. That was a place filled with so much adventure, imagination, and wonder; Perfect for a little girl. One of my favorite places on the property was the life size doll house. Yes, you heard that right — a life size doll house!  It had mini furniture, electricity, and even a fire place painted on the wall. I loved playing house and just being a little girl left with her imagination! blog 21
  12. An Embarrassing Moment: This is my GO TO, embarrassing story! I have plenty, but this one always sticks out in my mind. I believe that this was during fifth or sixth grade. Let me give you a little background info. I played tennis at the time, and my tennis coach recommended that my sisters and I wear pedometers when we played tennis. For anyone who doesn´t know what a pedometer is, it is a little device you clip to your pants and it tracks the numbers of steps you take. These were the days before Apple watches and Fit Bits were invented. Well, I became interested in tracking my steps, so I wore this pedometer EVERYWHERE! I do not know if anyone remembers the pacer test, the test in P.E. class where you would have to race from line to line in the gym to a sound of a beep. Well, our school wanted to make sure that we were prepared for this daunting pacer test! Haha. So, we would practice each day in class. We were packed like sardines on these lines. I tripped on someone´s foot, not surprising considering how clumsy I am. That was not the embarrassing part! My pedometer flung across the gym! Everyone turned and looked, they were probably thinking what the heck was that?!?! I scrambled up and raced over to my pedometer, which was lying in a desolate corner of the gym. I shoved it back on my belt loop as quickly as possible (hoping no one saw). I could feel the embarrassment on my face, just rehashing this story makes me chuckle. I was a hoot!
  13. My Favorite Food: I absolutely love sushi. I pretty much love all food, but I love sushi. I love baking cakes and cookies the most — I have never tried to make sushi. Check out my Eat´s page for all my favorite baked goods!
  14. My Favorite Blog: Atlantic-Pacific
  15. One Word that Describes Me: Mysterious. The reason I use this word is because so many people have a preconceived notion about me, once they get to know me they realize who I truly am. I use the word mysterious, not because I am necessarily mysterious, but because others perceive me that way.

Pictures Throughout my Childhood

These pictures give you a little insight on my upbringing and who I am. I am still the same as that little girl in those photos. As you can see, I have always loved being glammed up, but there are so many other sides to me too!

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