New Year, New Me?

What is with our fascination with the New Year? What is so significant about the clock hitting midnight on that one particular day? Nothing truly changes when the clock strikes midnight… What we like is the idea of starting fresh, our slate wiped clean, a new beginning. We cherish what the new year symbolizes, becoming the author of another year´s story We enjoy re-writing our stories and turning the page to the next chapter. Something about leaving the past year behind is refreshing…not that there weren´t  good aspects to our prior year, but we all wish we could have a few do-overs, a few moments we yearned for a rewind button in front of us. As we commence this new year, I wanted to share my take on the New Year and what goals I have set to accomplish.

As many of us can say we start the new year with a go-getter attitude, we tend to bite off more than we can chew. Something smart that I heard, that had not crossed my mind before, was summarizing what you wanted your year to be in a single word. It is simple and straightforward to accomplish, living your life by one word throughout the course of 365 days. The word I have chosen is productivity…my motto for 2018 is, Carpe Diem! Every day is an opportunity for success, growth, and productivity. So often we waste our time with idle activities such as watching TV, scrolling through social media, having useless conversations with others. For me, I want the year of 2018 to consist of rich moments, lively adventures, and budding relationships with others. I am not guaranteed a 2019, or even a tomorrow, so I will seize the day…I will maximize the 24 hours I have been given. What is your word for 2018? I would love for you to share below in the comments!

My main focus for the new year is the one word I chose, productivity, but I also want to include three definitive goals so I can focus on refining qualities within myself. One of the biggest inner obstacles I have faced in 2017 is that I tend to put others before myself. I am a people-pleaser, to my own detriment. So, one of my goals for the new year is to learn that it is okay to do things for me. Do not get me wrong…it is great to be selfless and do things for others before we do them for ourselves, but it is not beneficial when it becomes pernicious to our well being. Another goal, and by far most important is developing a deeper relationship with God. I am planning on doing so by spending more time in prayer and meditating on scripture, along with delving into two books I received for Christmas, Whisper by Mark Batterson and Today´s Moment of Truth by Lee Strobel. Whatever you may believe and whatever journey you may be on, I always think it is important to take time to think beyond ourselves…for me that is God. In order for me to be the best person for myself and everyone in my life, I need to let God shine in my life. My last and final goal is to focus on my health, such as working out, eating healthy, and drinking tons of water. Not for the physical results, but simply for a healthier me, a stronger me, a more radiant me. The later part of 2017 really took a toll on me, stress wise and workload wise, working out will hopefully relieve some of that stress. This goal too comes to play in putting myself first, that is something I very much so forgot last year. Let 2018 be the year of productivity and refocusing my priorities in life. I wish all of you health, happiness, and love in the new year!