Pinterest Baking Tips

If you do not know exactly what you are doing on Pinterest, it can be the ultimate game of hit or miss! I would go on Pinterest binges where I would pin for hours…everything that looked slightly delectable, I would pin it! I had a board for everything…french toast, muffins, savory breakfast, sweet breakfast, sugary sweets…the list went on infinitely. Inspired, I would throw on my apron and get to work only to be let down by my Pinterest ventures. Nothing is more disheartening than putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your latest creation to only end up with a icky mess at the end and a giant load of dishes! I am here to guide you through your Pinterest ventures, my failures do not have to be yours!

1. DO NOT pin just anything! Do some research…does this come from a credible website, what were the results of this recipe for other bakers, how well-known is the person who created this pin etc.

2. Discover the results of other bakers! If you expand the pin you are looking to make and scroll down to the bottom it should say ____ people tried this pin. There should be notes on how it turned out, what they did differently, what they liked/didn’t like about the recipe, and pictures. I would say there needs to be around at least fifty people who have tried this recipe and the majority need to have good reviews. Keep in mind everyone who tried the recipe might not be blessed in the baking/cooking department, so if there are a couple of bad reviews take it with a grain of salt. The more people who have tried the pin and have succeeded, the more reliable the recipe is.

3. Make notes on what you have made! Not only do other bakers notes on recipes help us when we are looking for a trustworthy recipe, but it also helps us when trying to remember which of the two peanut butter cookies we pinned were good and bad. You can also make notes about how long you baked it for (ex: The recipe called for 15 minutes, but I only baked them for 10). You can also add pictures to help refresh your memory of which recipe this exactly was! Not only does this help you, but it also helps your fellow bakers.

4. It is okay to take risks, but be prepared for it to fail! I have made several things that no one had made that turned out absolutely fabulous. I also made things that some people said were good and some people said were bad and it was a total flunk. Granted, there were only four people that reviewed it, but it was a total flop.

5. ALWAYS proofread the recipe! It is so important to read through all the ingredients and directions. Once, I was halfway through baking this one recipe and it said add both sugars, but only granulated sugar was listed in the ingredients. To say the least, the recipe was downhill from that point.

6. Never make a Pinterest recipe needing it to turn out! I learned never make a Pinterest recipe, needing it for a party or for an event. I prefer to rely on actual baking blogs for those times. Sally’s Baking Addiction is my tried and true baking blogger. She has never let me down, I trust her recipes so much that I would try a new recipe that I need for an event that day! Check her out!

7. Use your Pinterest to pin stuff from favorite bakers! I have boards for all my favorite bakers, and pin their recipes. Not only is it easy to go click on that board and search for a recipe when I am in the need for something or simply just craving something yummy, but it also allows me to keep all my recipes in one place!

Thanks for reading and happy pinning!