DIY: The Perfect Nails & Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Some things are better left to the professionals and some are better done at home (and may I mention friendlier on the wallet). One thing that I will always prefer to get done are my toes. Yes, we can all put on some polish by ourselves, but personally for me I cannot figure out how to get my feet baby soft! I’ve tried numerous products, I’ve filed for hours…nothing seems to work. Manicures are something I prefer to do at home. Why is that? I am very particular about my nails, probably because I can examine them easier than my toes, but I always feel like manicurists do not understand exactly what I want. So what do I do? I do them myself! It’s not only easy, fun, but also super affordable! I’ve listed bellow the ridiculously easy steps!


-A GOOD nail file (Do not go buy drugstore nail files such as Revlon, go to Sally’s beauty and get a quality nail file). This is my GO TO nail file ! It gets the job DONE!

-Nail clippers

-Acrylic Nail Tips (These are my favorite Stiletto Nail Tips , they also come in Square and Round . Also make sure you buy nail tips that cover the WHOLE nail bed).

-Nail Glue (I have tried about 10 nail glues, and this is the only one that stays for 1-2 weeks…Bliss Nail Glue).

-Base Coat and Top Coat (Base Coat & Top Coat)

-Nail Polish Color of Choice (My favorite brands are OPI and Essie).


  1. Trim and File your natural nail to a short length (Make sure the nail is free from any polish).
  2. Now take the rougher edge of the nail file and file the tops of your nails. Just enough to create a rough surface, but not too much. This allows the acrylic nail to grip onto the natural nail. Do not forget to file the outermost edge of your nails.
  3. Now pick out the nail size that fits each nail the best. Never pick a nail size that is too small, because the nail will pop off within a few days. If you cannot find a nail size that fits perfectly, just take the slightly larger acrylic nail and file the edges to the correct size.
  4. Now flip the nail and brush a decent amount of glue to the backside of the nail. Make sure to cover the edges.
  5. Now flip the nail over and lay the acrylic from base to tip, this prevents air bubbles. Now press the acrylic onto your natural nail and hold for roughly five seconds, make sure to press down the outer edges too!
  6. Repeat until you have applied all ten nails!
  7. If you would prefer a shorter length use the nail clippers to clip the acrylic nails. Always leave them a little longer than you prefer so that you can file and reshape.
  8. Now use the nail file to reshape and trim the acrylic.
  9. Now just apply nail polish and you usually would. First base coat, then two coats of color, and then the top coat.

My next favorite DIY is cleaning my makeup brushes. If you do not clean your makeup brushes/applicators then you need to get on it ASAP! Cleaning your makeup brushes keeps them looking new, prevents acne and the growth of bacteria, and allows your makeup to apply flawlessly. There is no need to run to your nearest cosmetic store and buy brush cleaner. All you need is some warm water, a bottle of Castille soap, and a towel. This will clean your brushes faster and better than any product sold in Sephora. This is my favorite Castille Soap: Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap


  1. Wet the brushes under warm water.
  2. Then apply a dime to quarter size amount of soap onto each brush or sponge. Then massage the soap into the tool against the palm of your hand.
  3. Then rinse the soap and makeup out with warm water.
  4. Repeat step 1-3 as necessary.
  5. Then dry the tool with a towel and lay them out to dry.