Be the Author of this Year’s Story

As we near the later part of this year I encourage you to reflect on the last eleven months, the marvelous, the crummy, and the atrocious. Each of us have had our fair shares of accomplishments, adventures, highs, and lows throughout the course of this year. At the start of a new year we tend to set resolutions such as “I want to drop five pounds”, “I want to relax more”, “I want to work harder”…the list continues on infinitely. The true question is, how many of us have stuck to our new year’s resolutions past a few months? If you answered yes, way to go! You are one of the few persistent individuals. I cannot even recall what my new year’s resolution was last year. If you did not see through to your resolution(s) that does not mean you are not determined, the plain truth is that it is challenging to follow through on one clear-cut and structured goal. This year in place of “new year resolutions” I encourage you to write the rough draft to your next chapter. Imagine the places you want to go, the things you want to do, the person you want to be…do not allow your success to be determined on one specific resolution. Take charge of this next year and make it an exquisite story of triumphs, adventures, and happiness. Why settle for one goal when you can be the author of your own story?!?  I am eager to begin writing the next chapter of my story.

My Story of Twenty-Seventeen

This year has been permeated with numerous changes both within the circumstances of life and within myself. Prior to this year I was consumed with the world around me. I was continually looking to others to fulfill me, I searched for confidence and self-worth in things that were fleeting. (I think all of us struggle with this to some extent, and if you do not tell me your secret. In fact, can you let us all in on it!) I have come to the realization that it is okay not to have it all figured out, it is okay not to be perfect. The most important thing that I learned is that it is okay to be authentically me! I no longer needed to hide under the visage of who I thought people desired for me to be. The thing is, is that we are ALL perfectly imperfect. No one is superior to another…we are all the same. We breathe the same air in our lungs and the same blood runs through our veins. This year I learned to accept me for the good and the bad.

My New Chapter 

As I commence in turning the blank page in my new chapter, I hope to not only fortify the constructive and positive takeaways from the prior year, but I hope flourish in every aspect of life. I desire for this upcoming year to be full of adventure, never ending laughter, and growth in who I am as a person. I hope you too decide to pick up the pen and begin to write the next chapter to your story.