Establishing Your Love Affair With Life

American society is permeated with perpetual deadlines, consistent chaos, substantial stress, a plethora of fast food chains, overloaded calendars, minimal sleep, and streets brimming with blaring horns and speeding cars. The majority of us do not live within the moment. We are distracted with what our next move will be, where our next destination will take us. We often forget that life is a gift and we should cherish it…we are not promised tomorrow and neither are our loved ones. It is time to set down the phones, forget the task list, and live in the here and now. Lets not burden ourselves with the worries of what tomorrow holds or even what the next week holds. I think the most significant question I continually ask myself is, why am I wasting the time I have now worrying about the future? I spend more time consumed with the what-ifs and the lists of what I need to accomplish, than savoring the time I have been granted. Do not get me wrong, I am a lover of structure and organization and those two things are essential to my life and well being, but I think that I try to control my life to make sure I am not leaving anything left behind or completing something at last minute. Sometimes I take that structure to extremes, I have everything planned out, I have a multitude of to-do lists for just a few hours. I so often forget to just live and not just focus on checking off each item on my list. So cheers to establishing my love affair with life…to living in the here and now, and never taking a moment for granted.

-Be thankful.

-Do something that scares you everyday. (Does not have to be dangerous)                    Living life within your comfort zone is boring…talk to that person you’ve been too nervous to start a conversation with.

-Wake up each morning and be thankful for the day. Set the tone for the day you will have.

-Take yourself on a date. Whether this be brunch in the park or a pedicure at your favorite spa, treat yourself…you deserve it.

-Stop being serious, be a little playful. Life is too short to take everything seriously.

-Brighten someones day with a small gift. I totally believe what goes around comes around. Choose to be the light in someone’s day.

-Practice living in the moment. (This whole post is pretty much about just that.)

-Learn to accept and love your body. Wasting your life trying to live up to unrealistic standards is just simply draining. Your body does so much to keep you alive and functioning, be grateful.

-Send love to everyone you encounter. When we become so consumed with us and what is going on in our lives we often forget about those around us…whether they be strangers, friends, or family. Open the door for someone…be the love in this world.

-Learn something new. You are never too young or too old to learn. Let everyday be a chance to expand your knowledge and learn something.

-Look for beauty in everything. Stop and take a moment to admire the sunset while driving, or look for something beautiful in every person you see.

-Stop comparing. You are you, and this is the most powerful tool. No one can take that away from you.

-Be open to the mystery of life. Each day holds something new and exciting, don’t close yourself off to magical experiences.