Dewy Natural Makeup Walk through

This is my “no makeup, makeup look”. I love this look for a more natural finish to my skin, and less makeup so my skin can breathe. This makeup look is so simple and easy and can be done quickly! I previously did a makeup walk-through on my Everyday Makeup Look.

  1. Bronze it Up

BY Terry Sun Glow $116 is my magic in a bottle. This one product can instantly transform my makeup free face. This product is a beautiful, sheer liquid bronzer that blurs my imperfections and livens my face with color. This product smells amazing too! How to Apply: Pump some product into your fingers and just rub all over your face as you would a lotion. Sometimes I do multiple layers just to build more color. (I use shade 1 in sun fair)

2. Apply Concealer

13 Best Under Eye Concealers for 2017 - Concealers for ...

Kat Von D Concealer $25. I prefer Kat Von D tube concealer over her wand concealer because I think the formula is better and you get more product. You can get every single drop out of that tube, and it lasts forever. How to Apply: I squirt some onto my fingers and I dab it where I need (any blemishes, under eyes etc). This concealer is FULL COVERAGE, but it does not look cakey at all…AND IT STAYS ALL DAY! I simply blend out my makeup with a damp beauty blender.

3. Perfect Rosy Cheeks

Benefit Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 12.5ml ...

I apply the Benefit Cheek Tint-Rose $30 by simply using the brush and painting it on the apples of my cheek. Make sure to do one cheek at a time, because it dries quickly. I use a damp beauty blender (I linked it in the step prior) to blend it out to a rosy perfection. I also add a little to the tip of my nose. I love this color, it is easy to use, it smells like roses and it stays on! The Benet tint comes in different colors, but this color applies the best out of all of them.

4. Sun Kissed Glow

I apply the Makeup Forever Pro Light Fusion Highlighter $39 to my cheeks and the high point of my forehead with a fan brush, and I used my finger to highlight my nose. The more highlighted this look is, the better it looks. The goal is to look sun-kissed, but you do not want to overdo it or you will look like you stuck your face in a bowl of glitter. The great thing about this highlighter is that it is hard to overdo, it is iridescent yet subtle at the same time. It is not a chalky or a powdery highlight which would make it fantastic for mature and aging skin.  (I use shade 2)

5. Set in place

I use Inglot Makeup Fixer Spray $19 I apply liberally all over my face. Make sure to spray about 12 inches away from your face, you want to mist not soak your face. I then take a book or  a makeup palette and fan my face until it has set. This helps to lock the makeup in place.

6. Mascara (Optional)


L'Oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara - Black | eBay

I use L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara $9.99 for this look. No other mascara can lengthen my lashes like this one, and the price tag is friendly! Make sure you get any clumps out or anything you want to fix before the mascara dries because once it dries it is set for life. (WARNING: Do not sneeze while the mascara is still wet, it goes EVERYWHERE!) This mascara also comes off super easy with just water, it makes taking off eye makeup so much more simple.

Total Cost of Look: $238.99