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Remaining a Classic in a World Full of Trends

Iman said it best, “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.” Being a classic woman is far more than what meets the eye…she encompasses class, grace, a beautiful heart, beauty, and style. Currently we reside in a world with a plethora of cursing, booty short wearing women/girls. A classic woman is not only defined by her outstanding decorum, but her classic and timeless looks. These are a several of my tips for remaining a classic in a world full of trends.

1. Dress the Part

Trends are fun to partake in, but classic women rarely wear them. They tend to dress in simple black dresses, and simple yet feminine blouses with clean lines. You may find their décolletage adorned with a colorful scarf or a strand of pearls. You do not have to wear clothes from the 1950’s to appear a classic, but women from that era make for a fabulous inspiration.  Add your own spin to timeless pieces and do not forget to have your own personal style.

Fashion Inspiration

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2. Keep the Makeup to a Minimum

Though I do admit I love the full coverage makeup and dramatic eyes, a more natural look is the way to go. Ditch the falsies and save them for a night out with your man or a special occasion. I find that whenever you wear too dramatic of makeup it takes away from your natural beauty and away from your charming ensemble. Don’t be afraid to throw a red or pink lip in there occasionally, who does not love one of those?

3. Keep up the Hygiene

Nothing is less feminine than a putrid smell radiating off of one’s body. Hygiene entails more than just brushing your teeth and taking a shower.  It includes moisturizing your body, brushing and styling your hair, applying makeup when needed, taking a shower, applying deodorant, brushing your teeth, shaving, and applying your favorite perfume. Nothing is better than being fresh out of a shower with a moisturized sheen to your skin and the smell of your gardenia shampoo. (Tip: Always have gum or a mint handy. Do not chew gum in public, it just is not lady-like.)  I am an avid perfume lover, I listed below some of my all time favorite perfumes.



Main Image - Jo Malone London™ Orange Blossom Cologne (3.4 oz.)

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne

Main Image - Giorgio Armani 'Si' Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani ‘Si’ Parfume

4. Act the Part

A classic woman carries herself with poise and dignity. A classic woman does not curse, lash out in anger, get into arguments in public or on social media, and they are educated. It is important to keep your personal life private, not everyone needs to know your business and you do not need to know everyone’s. You do not need to dumb yourself down for others, you simply look foolish when you do so. The key is to keep others at ease in your presence.

“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” -Grace Kelly


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