How to Dress & Appear more Feminine

Femininity is described as qualities traditionally ascribed to women such as sensitivity and gentleness. Whenever I think of Feminine dress, I tend to think of soft colors, ruffles, skirts and a woman. When one dresses more feminine they accentuate their womanly features such as curves. This does not mean you have to show the world what you have been blessed with, but it means you wear clothing to accentuate and flatter your frame. When we are attempting to achieve a more feminine look we tend to go for softer lines and colors. Here are some of my best tips for dressing and appearing more feminine.

1. Wear clothes that fit

When young girls/women wear oversized, baggy t-shirts it looks like they stole it out of the wardrobe of their brother/boyfriend. When dressing feminine it is important to flatter your figure but also accentuate your womanly curves. Do not think that in order to accentuate your womanly features that you need to wear skin-tight clothing…that is where you would be mistaken. Wear clothes that you do not lose your frame in, but that the clothing hugs and hangs in the right places.

2. Wear Simple Jewelry

Put on some jewelry, you do not need to have your whole forearm covered in bangles but a simple pendant necklace or pearl earrings will do the trick. Statement jewelry is fun to spice up a simple and somewhat boring outfit, but for everyday more is less, and simple is better.

3. Wear a Fragrance

As Coco Chanel puts it, “A woman who wears no perfume has no future.” Guys are like dogs when it comes to scent, they love a good smelling woman. Find a perfume that is feminine, but also matches your personality. Chanel has a great variety of different perfumes for everyone!

4. Get Pumped up

You can wear all the pearls and curls you want, but if you are wearing orthopedic shoes or chunky sneakers it will ruin your whole feminine look. Heels most defiantly give the appearance of a feminine outfit. They elongate your figure and nicely complete a look.  Search for ballerina flats, lace up sandals, riding boots, pumps and wedges to add a nice touch to your ensemble.

5. Do not Forget your Hair

Women in the 50’s and 60’s would not be caught dead out in public without their hair freshly curled and their makeup done perfectly, paired with a red lip. Today you find people walking around the town square, that look as if they just rolled out of bed five minutes ago. You can have the most adorable outfit, but if your hair is a mess it will ruin the entire look. Remember to fix your hair!