Diet Tips to Get Ready for Summer

It can be hard to put down the cookies and cake and even harder to pick up the vegetables and fruits. I myself am using these tips to get myself back on track for Summer, I have fallen off this year due to lack of time, stress etc. No excuses! I hope these tips and… Continue reading Diet Tips to Get Ready for Summer

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Travel Diary: New York City

One thing I can assure you is that one will never run out of things to do in New York city. It does not matter if you have lived there for 2 months, ten years, or you are just will never run out of things to do.  New York is quite the lively city,… Continue reading Travel Diary: New York City

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How to be Primped & Proper at All Times

Outfit Details: Sweater--Shorts (in white)--Shoes--Necklace: CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane --Clutch What  exactly does it mean to be primped and proper? The denotative definition of primped is to spend time making minor adjustments to one´s clothing, makeup, or hair. The denotative definition of proper is a genuine and good-looking person. So what does it take to… Continue reading How to be Primped & Proper at All Times


March Favorites & Hate Its

This month I have branched out and tried some new products. Some I absolutely loved and some I cringe at the thought of. I want to share with you what worked for me and what didn´t and why! Favorites Sephora Luxe False Lashes in Amour $17 These lashes are the perfect combination of glam and… Continue reading March Favorites & Hate Its

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Understanding God in our Broken World

We so often think that bad people deserve the bad things that happen to them; we are left questioning why do bad things happen to good people? How can a God who supposedly loves us let horrific things happen in our lives? How could we bear to have a relationship with a God who just… Continue reading Understanding God in our Broken World


February Favorites

This month I have tried some new products that I am IN LOVE with! I wanted to share all the goodies I have discovered, hopefully you love them as much as me! Schmidt´s Naturals Rose & Vanilla Deodorant Stick $8.99 Anyone who knows me knows I love ANYTHING rose scented. I am weary of using… Continue reading February Favorites



For the majority of my life I have attended a non-denominational church, so this is my first year truly participating in Lent. I have had a lot of questions: what is Lent, what is the purpose, what is ash Wednesday? The only thing I knew of Lent was that people typically gave up ¨something¨.  As… Continue reading Lent


Learning to Love

"Love is knowing you're leaving yourself vulnerable in hopes that it will all be worth it even though the odds say it won't be. Love is sacrificing for somebody without expecting them to do the same in return. Love is finding somebody who makes you feel safe and comfortable, somebody who you can sit in… Continue reading Learning to Love

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Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list

As we near the days of warmer weather, it is time to begin filling our shopping carts with flowy sundresses, flattering bikinis, and floppy hats. I am a lover of summer: the beachy waves, sun-kissed skin, poolside drinks, barbecues, and late night swims. So in order to prepare for a beautiful summer, we must have… Continue reading Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list


Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl´s best friend...or maybe diamond encrusted shoes! Many of you who know me, know my grande love affair with shoes. In my world every pair of shoes tells a story, they carry your memories, and hold sentimental meaning. Maybe that is not natural, maybe I need shoe counseling, but maybe… Continue reading Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend