For the majority of my life I have attended a non-denominational church, so this is my first year truly participating in Lent. I have had a lot of questions: what is Lent, what is the purpose, what is ash Wednesday? The only thing I knew of Lent was that people typically gave up ¨something¨.  As… Continue reading Lent


Learning to Love

"Love is knowing you're leaving yourself vulnerable in hopes that it will all be worth it even though the odds say it won't be. Love is sacrificing for somebody without expecting them to do the same in return. Love is finding somebody who makes you feel safe and comfortable, somebody who you can sit in… Continue reading Learning to Love

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Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list

As we near the days of warmer weather, it is time to begin filling our shopping carts with flowy sundresses, flattering bikinis, and floppy hats. I am a lover of summer: the beachy waves, sun-kissed skin, poolside drinks, barbecues, and late night swims. So in order to prepare for a beautiful summer, we must have… Continue reading Items to Add to Your Summer Shopping Wish list


Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl´s best friend...or maybe diamond encrusted shoes! Many of you who know me, know my grande love affair with shoes. In my world every pair of shoes tells a story, they carry your memories, and hold sentimental meaning. Maybe that is not natural, maybe I need shoe counseling, but maybe… Continue reading Shoes Are a Girl´s Best friend


Nighttime Skincare Routine

First, I wash off my day with the Soap & Glory Vitamin C Face wash. This face wash wipes away any makeup, oil, dirt, or anything else that may be present on the surface of your skin. It is crucial to begin your nighttime routine with a fresh, clean face. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties… Continue reading Nighttime Skincare Routine


How I Keep My Skin Clear

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. We are constantly worrying about the health of our brain, lungs, liver, and all our other glorious organs... people avoid smoking because it reeks havoc on their lungs and causes cancer. Why are we not as conscientious of what we are putting on our skin?… Continue reading How I Keep My Skin Clear


Black & Cream

Expand the post to see all of my outfit details which I linked. Happy Monday! XOXO, Taite

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The Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

Purchasing a gift for someone can be a daunting task. Will they like it? What do they want/need? Do they already have this? Did I spend enough money? Did I spend too much money? The doubts we have when purchasing a gift are endless. I am here to help you decode what to get one… Continue reading The Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift

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New Year, New Me?

What is with our fascination with the New Year? What is so significant about the clock hitting midnight on that one particular day? Nothing truly changes when the clock strikes midnight... What we like is the idea of starting fresh, our slate wiped clean, a new beginning. We cherish what the new year symbolizes, becoming the… Continue reading New Year, New Me?


Pinterest Baking Tips

If you do not know exactly what you are doing on Pinterest, it can be the ultimate game of hit or miss! I would go on Pinterest binges where I would pin for hours...everything that looked slightly delectable, I would pin it! I had a board for everything...french toast, muffins, savory breakfast, sweet breakfast, sugary… Continue reading Pinterest Baking Tips